Convert to day of a year in R

In R often time we need to find the exact nth day of a date in that particular year.

The snippet below will be very helpful for this:

x <- c(‘5/5/2007′,’12/31/2007′,’1/2/2008’)

#Convert to day of year (julian date) — 


The result will be as follows:

[1] 125 365 2

As you can notice in the above result, 5/5/2007 refers to 125th day of the year 2007. Similary, 12/31/2007 refers to 365th day of year 2007 and 1/2/2008 refers to 2nd day of 2008. So, this small snippet is very helpful if you want to create a vector of nth day of the date.

Good luck

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Import multiple files in R as a dataframe

It is often necessary to input multiple files into R at once. However, it is not straightforward and it would be quite frightening.

I myself have spent hours before figuring out. There are many ways to do this. Usually, we are always trying to import the file of the same extension. The most used extensions are “csv”, “dat” , “txt” etc.

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How to change the color of the text selection of your website?

Often times, we don’t even care what is the color if some user selects the text in our website. However, if you do some tweaking then it would be really awesome. You can change the color of the selection and the background in your website.

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