Import multiple files in R as a dataframe

It is often necessary to input multiple files into R at once. However, it is not straightforward and it would be quite frightening.

I myself have spent hours before figuring out. There are many ways to do this. Usually, we are always trying to import the file of the same extension. The most used extensions are “csv”, “dat” , “txt” etc.

Let us suppose you have files of format “csv” on your folder. You can change your working directory to that folder by using


Now, let us use this code to import multiple files into a data frame .

We will use plyr library developed by Hadley Wichkam to solve our problem here.

mydata = ldply(list.files(pattern = “csv”), function(filename) {
dum = read.table(filename,skip=1)

#If you want to add the filename as well on the column

dum$filename = filename

If you don’t have plyr library installed you can install using the following code:


The code above would import all of your files into the data frame. You can check if the number of data are matching or not by using following:


I hope this helps to everyone and probably will save your time. If you have any suggestions please leave your feedback on comments.

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